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Could Brad and Angelina’s Divorce be About Auto Transport?

brad and angelinaWhile we are still waiting for all the juicy details about the divorce to come out we can safely assume it wasn’t about auto transport. But having a bad spouse is a lot like having a bad auto transport company.


Bad auto transport companies, like bad spouses, are late. They work late, show up late, get held up, and give you a ton of excuses why. Being late means you are not following through on what you promised and this breaks trust. If you cannot trust your spouse/auto transport company then you need to find someone you can trust.

Bad Communication

Being late is one thing, but not even having the decency to let you know takes it to the next level. Not only is trust broken but it is downright disrespectful to leave somebody waiting on you. Bad auto transport companies are notorious for this. They don’t return your calls, don’t listen to your voicemails, and show up at the worst possible time. Get someone that respects you and your time.


Money is an important part of everything we do. Brad and Angelina are probably not as worried about it as we are but this brings us to maybe the worst thing a bad auto transport company can do to you and it is DEFINITELY grounds for divorce. There are companies out there that will promise a price and after you sign their contract you find out that you are on the hook for more than the promised amount. Of course their contract will have intentionally vague language and they will claim they did nothing wrong. This is the equivalent of getting married to a gold digger.


This is the most serious one of them all. An abusive relationship needs to be exited immediately. If your car gets damaged during transport, DO NOT USE THAT COMPANY EVER AGAIN. Of course there is insurance but it is a headache that you definitely will not want. This has to be a one strike policy because damage means a company is doing something totally incorrect.

Make sure you get to know your auto transport company before you get in bed with them. Do your research and never settle for the cheapest option.

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