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Below you will find all of the important information anyone shipping to, from, or within Florida will need to have. And a little bit more!


Price is the number one concern for most people. While we do outline why it should be your second priority in our general auto transport guide, it is still a very important consideration.

Last Updated 6/1/16: Prices between the north and south are almost balanced out for the summer though the price going north still has a little bit to drop. Shipping east to west is getting more expensive for the summer as people begin moving.

Hover over a state to see shipping prices. The first price is what it costs to ship from Florida to that state. The second price is what it costs to ship to Florida from that state. Click to see more information.

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Special Considerations to Make

Why Are You Shipping?


military man
Members of the armed forces shipping to Florida because of Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders will have varied experiences depending on where in Florida they are shipping to and when. Refer to the sections below for more specific instructions based on your location and timing. Read this guide for more information on shipping a Personally Owned Vehicle (POV) for service members. If you are shipping to a base then plan an alternate drop off point for the driver as he most likely will not be able to get inside. Once you have received your car read this guide on titling and registration specifics for service members in Florida.


college girl
Florida has some of the most popular colleges and universities in the US and the beginning of the fall semester sees a hike in auto transport prices because of this. In order to avoid higher prices and the hassles of arranging auto transport on a tight schedule we recommend shipping your car after you arrive to school. Your broker will have time to find you the best deal and it will be one less thing to worry about during your move. Furthermore, find out about discounts for shipping more than one car at a time if you have a friend that is also shipping their vehicle and, if you will be shipping regularly, discounts for repeat customers. Read our full guide on transporting your car for college here. Florida is a very popular state for auto transporters so finding a driver will not be difficult. This is one part of your move you will not have to worry very much about.

Seasonal or Snowbird

Florida is the destination for people to spend their winters. The biggest fluctuation in auto transportation prices happens yearly in response to this as people ship south to escape the cold and then back up north when the weather warms up. Transport prices going south start to increase in October. Transport prices going north start to increase at the beginning of March. If it is convenient for you, try to ship outside of these peak times or right at the beginning to avoid the inflated prices. Another great way to save on shipping costs is to ship in a group. This can work even if everyone is not going to the same location. A huge number of transporters will be in Florida at this time so last minute changes will be very easy to accommodate if someone changes their mind. A great resource for Canadians shipping to Florida is the Canadian Snowbird Association which can help with currency exchange, taxes, and insurance.


family moving
Car shipping can be the easiest part of your move if you know what to expect and plan accordingly. The biggest problem people create for themselves when moving is trying to ship their car on a very specific schedule, and auto transport is just not suited for that. Read our full auto transport guide for a better explanation. Florida is one of the most popular states for auto transporters so chances are someone will be able to move your car right on time, but this can not be guaranteed until only a few days prior to the pick up date. Plan to be flexible or have a back up plan. Florida also has very seasonal auto transport prices so pay close attention to the “When Are You Shipping?” section below to make sure you don’t ship during the more expensive times of the year. Once you have your car visit the Florida DMV website for information on driver’s licenses, insurance, registration, and whatever else you may need to get settled in.

Dealer or Body Shop

business man
Vehicle transportation is a luxury for businesses to enjoy in Florida. The state is very popular with auto transporters and this means low prices and fast transit times. The only concern for businesses that ship regularly is the seasonal fluctuation in prices going and coming north. Pay attention to the “When Are You Shipping” section below to avoid inflated costs and take advantage of discounts.

Where Are You Shipping?

South Florida

south florida
Miami is the center of south Florida and it is the destination for every truck driver that works here. Shipping here is extremely easy and you will pay only slightly more because of it’s further distance. If you are shipping further south, however, then shipping rates can really start to skyrocket. Most people in the Keys ship to south Miami and drive their cars the rest of the way.

Central Florida

central florida
Carriers will be passing through on their way to Miami. Shipment to any city along i-95, i-4, or i-75 in this area is very easy.

North Florida

north florida
Ease of shipment to or from north Florida starts to get a little bit more difficult but is still very easy compared to other states. If you’re pick up/drop off point is along the way to/from Miami then you will have no issues getting your car moved. If you are not then you could pay a little bit more.


florida panhandle
Shipping from Florida’s panhandle is all about location. If you are shipping from a northeastern state then you will have a tough time. If you are shipping from the west then you will have it easier than even Miami. If you are shipping from the northwest you will have mixed results.

When Are You Shipping


Shipping prices at this time will be expensive from anywhere up north. Some states are affected more by this change than others. Shipping to the north will be very cheap at this time however. Shipping from the west is less expensive at this time.


All of the snowbirds ship back up north in the spring so shipping prices will be expensive going to northern states. Some states are affected more heavily than others. Shipping from the west is less expensive at this time.


Shipping to northern states will have reached an equilibrium just about everywhere at this time and you will be able to ship to and from Florida at a fair price. Shipping from the west also reaches an equilibrium. A lot of people move at this time of year and where they move to depends on where the best job opportunities are.


Tame season for auto transport in Florida. The price will start to go up from norther states towards the end of the season.

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