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Finally, an auto transport company you can trust

MIG Auto Transport has built a reputation with it’s customers for being fair and upstanding in an industry littered with companies that do the exact opposite.

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What’s our secret?

Commitment is overrated. MIG makes shipping your car as commitment free as possible. Change contacts, address, vehicles, even cancel whenever you want.

You read right, GUARANTEE. We give you the lowest price possible and, unlike other companies that go back and raise the quoted price, we guarantee our price and we will take money out of our pockets before we take it out of yours.

Cancel anytime before we have your carrier and 100% of the fees paid to us will be refunded immediately, no questions asked.

In order to make shipping your car as easy and stress-free as possible, we will update you everyday , from pick up to drop off. Just another way we are changing auto transport.
MIG is trusted by some of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers including:

We’re also trusted by some of the world’s greatest customers:

“Awesome service. I’m very happy with my car and I couldn’t have done it without you guys!!!”

“I was very happy with MIG, they know what they are doing and took superior care of my vehicles. Will contact them in future.”

“Very good work done by this company. Max and Vlad were the people I was in contact with and they made my move much simpler than it had been in the past…”

“We love MIG, we use them for every one of our transports.”

Are my cars insured?
Absolutely. Any carrier that transports your car is going to have cargo insurance that will cover the entire cost of your vehicle and then some.

What is a broker and is MIG a broker?
A broker is a company that acts as a middleman between customers and carriers. The main function of brokers is to find a carrier for the customer and then keep prices fair and make sure the carrier picks up and delivers on time.

Why don’t people just contact carriers directly?
The main reason people don’t contact carriers directly is because carriers are very hard companies to find if you aren’t a broker. Also carriers have very specific routes and schedules, so even if a person found a carrier chances are that they won’t be willing to move their car.

Can I have items in my car when I have my car shipped?
This depends on the carrier. Most carriers will allow a few items but no carrier will insure your items. Leaving items in your car is always done at your own risk.

What type of payments are accepted?
The most popular option for paying the carrier fee is cash on delivery. Other options offered are cash on pickup or pre-paying with a credit card before shipment.