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Oklahoma is an average auto transport state.

Oklahoma is like Arkansas in a lot of ways: the biggest city is in the middle of the state, transport outside of major roadways or cities is very difficult, and neither one has an auto transport boosting economy, but Oklahoma has a little bit more of everything. There are more people, more big cities, more money, and more trucks in Oklahoma and this means it’s easier to ship a car from than Arkansas.

Oklahoma’s population is very concentrated in Tulsa and Oklahoma City; two thirds of the state reside in these two metropolitan areas. As you can imagine these are the easiest places to ship from. Because of Oklahoma City’s central position virtually every truck coming through the state is going to have to enter or come near the city. Major routes that cross the state are Los Angeles to Chicago, Los Angeles to the northeast, Los Angeles to Florida, and Texas to Chicago. A lot of trucks are passing through the state. So much so that Oklahoma has become a popular choice for logistics centers for a host of different businesses.

Rural Oklahoma doesn’t get much attention from carriers, luckily the rural areas are fairly limited. The northwestern part of the state is by far the most rustic, the western half less so, and the eastern part is almost entirely urban and well trafficked. If you are located in one of the very rural areas prepare to meet a driver off of an interstate or in a big city. If you are 30-40 miles from a major road or city then paying a generous amount will usually get your car picked up in a timely fashion though meeting is also an option depending on your needs.

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