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detroit mi

Detroit is a very respectable auto transport city.

It is the fourteenth most populous city in the United States and by far the most populous city in Michigan holding 50% of its residents. Recently there has been a lot of migration out of the city but Detroit is bouncing back economically. The migration has actually added to the demand for auto transport.

A lot of Detroit residents are snowbirds. These are people who make an annual trip to a warmer state to escape the cold. At the beginning of winter transport south is increased along with the price while transport north is decreased. Towards the end of February, as it warms up, the effect is reversed as people move back up north. Florida is the main destination and transport there is affected the most.

Detroit has a very automobile focused economy which adds to the auto transport demand. One such business is LA Trading Co which is in the west side. The consistent demand for auto transport that companies like this provide brings the price of transport down for everyone. LA Trading is also a good example of why the geography of Detroit is well suited for auto transporters. Like any other city Detroit’s downtown is very crowded but the area around downtown has large, well organized roads that are perfect for truckers. Joy Road, where LA Trading is located, is a large street and a truck could easily stop right in front of the dealership to load a car. This is true for a lot of Detroit and certainly helps when shipping a car.

Shipping to any major city from Detroit is easy because of the large population. Shipping price to the southern United States fluctuates a lot but shipping prices to the northwest and northeast are fairly stable. Shipping to Seattle is between $1000 and $1400 and shipping to New York City is between $450 and $750.

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