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About Us

MiG Auto Transport started as a small company and we still retain all of our initial employees. For the first few years we were only a carrier. As our customer base grew word started getting around about our service. Unfortunately we had to turn down a lot people because we weren’t moving cars on the routes that people were requesting. We added more trucks but it’s impossible to be everywhere at once so we became a broker as well.

We still keep our original goals. We want to be honest and fair in everything we do. That is why we created our price guarantee.

The way the quote system works in the auto transport industry is flawed.

Most companies give very low quotes at first and hope they are able to convince you to pay more later on.

We stand by our guarantee even if we have to take money out of our own pockets.

We understand we will lose customers who want to try to get unrealistically low prices but if you are looking for an auto transport company that you can trust and who you can come back to year after year for the same great service then we can definitely help!

Thank you for considering our services, we appreciate your interest!