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FINALLY, an auto transport company you can trust

MIG Auto Transport has built a reputation with it’s customers for being fair and upstanding because of our price guarantee, lightning fast shipment times, and attention to detail. We are the best in the business, just look at what our customers have to say about us!

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    Where Are You Shipping Your Car From?

    Where Are You Shipping Your Car To?

    What’s our secret?

    no commitments label

    Commitment is overrated. MIG makes shipping your car as commitment free as possible. Change contacts, address, vehicles, even cancel whenever you want.
    price guarantee label

    You read that right, GUARANTEE. We will never raise your price after giving you a quote. We guarantee our price and we will take money out of our pockets before we take it out of yours.
    100% refund label

    Cancel anytime before your car is picked up and 100% of the fees paid to us will be refunded immediately, no questions asked.
    MIG is trusted by some of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers including:

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    We’re also trusted by some of the world’s greatest customers:

    mig auto transport customer

    “Awesome service. I’m very happy with the service! Moving to college would have been ten times worse without you guys!!!”
    mig auto transport customer

    “I was very happy with MIG, they know what they are doing and took superior care of my vehicles. Will contact them in future.”
    mig auto transport customer

    “Very good work done by this company. Max and Vlad were the people I was in contact with and they made my move much simpler than it had been in the past…”
    mig auto transport customer

    “We love MIG, we use them for every one of our transports to Florida.”

    Are my cars insured?
    Absolutely. Any carrier that transports your car is going to have cargo insurance that will cover the entire cost of your vehicle and then some. Most of our open carriers have $250,000 in insurance while our enclosed carriers can have $1,000,000 or more.

    What is a broker and is MIG a broker?
    A broker is a company that acts as a middleman between customers and carriers. The function of brokers is to find a carrier for the customer and then keep prices fair and make sure the carrier picks up and delivers on time. MIG is both a carrier and a broker. This means we own the trucks but if our truck’s schedule doesn’t coincide with your schedule we will outsource the job in order to provide the best service possible.

    Why don’t people just contact carriers directly?
    The main reason people don’t contact carriers directly is because carriers are very hard companies to find if you aren’t a broker. Also carriers have very specific routes and schedules, so even if you did find a carrier chances are their schedule will not agree with yours. Read our auto transport guide to learn more!

    Can I have items in my car when I have my car shipped?
    We allow up to 100lbs free of charge. If you would like to put more things inside we can usually arrange something for a fee. Keep in mind there is no insurance on the items you leave in the car.

    What type of payments are accepted?
    Payments are done via credit card before shipment.