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Arizona sort of mirrors southern California in terms of auto transport.

Arizona and southern California follow much of the same trends. Not many carriers will drive as far as Phoenix and stop, Los Angeles is almost always the main destination and Phoenix happens to be along most drivers’ routes so they will be looking for about the same price to both areas. The snowbird season is a good example of this. While Arizona certainly has a thriving snowbird population not nearly as many people go to Arizona during the winter as to Los Angeles but the prices are still about the same. Carriers want to maximize their profit per trip so if they pass by your car’s destination anyway they will certainly take your car if the price is comparable or better.

Arizona is a pretty populous state but it is very highly concentrated in Phoenix. If you live in or are moving to Phoenix this is great news, but if you are anywhere else, especially north of interstate 40, you will have a very difficult time getting a low rate. Your options will be to either meet the driver in Phoenix or pay the asking price.

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  1. We may have SEVERAL cars going from Phoenix, AZ to Knoxville, TN for convention starting August 15, 2018 and return to Phoenix following convention end.

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