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Arkansas is a below average auto transport state.

While Arkansas is far from the worst auto transport state, it is much farther from the best. The state lacks a large population or an auto transport inclined economy, so transport is mostly dependent on drivers passing through. Unfortunately Arkansas is not along many major vehicle carrier routes, the only two are Texas to the northeast and some trucks from Los Angeles may cross on their way to the northeast. If you are not near interstate 40 or 30 then transport is going to be near impossible. These areas are very thinly populated and roads can be bad, especially in the northwest. The price necessary to get a car picked up would be astronomical so meeting a driver is the best solution if you are in this situation. Shipments from these places don’t come often however. Most Arkansans won’t have a lot of headache as long as they aren’t shipping to another below average auto transport state.


  1. r@r.com' wkeaton says:

    Arkansas is my home but I can testify it can be a difficult place to ship from.

  2. smithk95@gmail.com' smithk95 says:

    I’ve shipped many cars to LA from Conway. Never had trouble.

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