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Buying a Car Out of State

1982 porsche 911
A lot of our transport jobs are for people who’ve purchased a car out of state. I was recently talking to one of our regular customers about buying out of state. This article is some of his knowledge and some of my research, and even a little bit of my knowledge.

First you want to know what the value of the car is. Kelley Blue Book is the most used website for calculating market value of a car but check out a couple of sources and average it out. Another thing I personally like to do when I’m considering a certain model of a car is to research some common problems that particular model has. Often forums will mention stuff like this. If the car you’re looking at has 80,000 miles on it and there is a major (expensive) issue that usually pops up at 100,000 miles then you should factor that into the price. Also factor in the price of shipping, get a quote before making a decision because, as I’m sure my faithful readers know, the price fluctuates a lot so you definitely won’t want to get blind sided by a high shipping rate.

Most of the cars he buys are private purchases. The most important thing he said was to do a background check on the VIN, especially if the car is a good deal. The lower the price is under the market value the more research you should do. It’s not that everyone out there is trying to cheat you but getting cheated on a car purchase is one of the more expensive mistakes you can make. He personally uses Car Fax but there a lot of services out there.

One thing you might want to also consider, especially if the purchase in question is expensive, is having someone look over the car for you. Do some research on car inspectors in the area and they will provide you with detailed information on the cars current condition.

Alright so you’ve decided to buy the car. You like it, you can afford it, and as far as you and the VIN report can tell it hasn’t gone through a war. Well then it’s time to call the DMV and figure out exactly what you’ll need to do and what paperwork needs to be filled out based on where the car is and where you’ll be registering it.

And now for the easy part. You’ve purchased the car and have all your paperwork in order so you can now contact us and have us help you ship it. Congratulations!

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