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A Comprehensive List of What We Require to Provide an Accurate Quote

As our customers and our more dedicated readers are already aware, our prices don’t work quite the same as other companies’. We have two options, our guaranteed price and our low rate. The low rate is the lowest possible price that we think a transport would be willing to ship your car for. The guaranteed price is a guaranteed price. Be mindful of this as you read this article; our requirements may be different from those of others.

The most important detail we must have is the pick up and drop off location. We only require the respective cities (though zip codes are preferred). A quote can be provided with this information alone. We can’t help you if we don’t know where you want to go!

The second most important detail is the desired pick up and drop off dates. Transport prices fluctuate a great deal, regardless of where you are shipping from and to, the price in January (for example) compared to the price in February (for example) could be hundreds of dollars apart. We like to have pick up and drop off windows. This makes it easier for us to negotiate with carriers on your price, and the more time we have the lower the price gets. Remember: all relevant information helps, scheduled flights, storage fee accumulation, semester end dates, etc. Even an idea of a pick up window is nice and enough for us to work with.

What exactly is being transported is also a substantial factor, the year, make, and model of the vehicle can make an enormous difference. Larger vehicles are more expensive to transport, but anything larger than a standard pick up (an F-150 for example) requires special equipment and will be much more expensive. A small car like a Volkswagen Beetle and large SUV like a Cadillac Escalade will only have about a $200 difference in price (depending on the route). The condition of the vehicle may also affect the price. Non-running vehicles commonly require special equipment and are therefore more expensive. Modified vehicles may not cooperate with certain trailers and may be more expensive (have measurements ready if heavily modified). Similarly, cars with things inside make the shipment heavier and carriers run the risk of receiving tickets for shipping household goods (which they are not allowed to do), you will pay more if the items inside exceed 100 pounds. We have to know what we are shipping.

The more detail you can provide the more accurate your quote. The more accurate your quote the less time we waste. All pertinent information is useful. Use common sense, what would you want to know if you were shipping the car?


  1. mez@gmail.com' mezo says:

    Yeah shipping my Escalade is a real pain in the $&*# šŸ˜‰

  2. kristaholloway@gmail.com' krista lash says:

    How much is it to ship a full car load?

    • Max - MIG Auto Transport says:

      Hi Krista, what do you mean by full car load? If you mean a car filled with personal items then usually it is an extra $150 if the car is totally filled with things like clothes though people have put heavier things like tools and car parts inside that may run you more.

  3. penneypalfreman@gmail.com' Lamar says:

    How much would it be if i fill up my car

    • Max - MIG Auto Transport says:

      Hi Lamar, it would depend on what size car you have but if you have a normal sized sedan then a completely packed car would be around $300 more.

  4. casey says:

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