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Why can you be confident in MiG? It all starts with the price guarantee.

We realized a long time ago that one of the biggest problems in the auto transport industry are the companies that mislead customers about price. Brokers promise a low price and often times even send contracts with a price on it that will mention somewhere in small print that the price isn’t guaranteed. Then, the day before or the even the day of pick up the broker calls and says the price is too low and they have to charge more or the car won’t get picked up. They are relying on the fact that you won’t have a choice at this point the customer because you have a flight or moving truck or other plan set that you can’t change. And it isn’t just a few companies doing this, there are a lot of them and this, of course, made auto transport seem like a scary thing to most people.

This is a dishonest way of doing business. We want the people that ship with us to feel that they are being taken care of and to be confident that they are getting the best service possible.

The secret in auto transport is that you will get pretty much the same price no matter what company you go through. Either a company like ours gives you an honest price right away or a company will promise you a cheap rate and ask you for more money later. Your priority should be finding a company that you trust.

So how are we able to offer a price guarantee when others can’t?

Firstly we are not just a broker; we are a carrier as well. This means we own trucks and have connections with other trucking companies. This way we make sure that the truck that ships your car fits your needs best.

Second, our prices are very accurate. We have been in this business for a long time and we have extensive knowledge of every route you can think of in the US. We have shipped every type of car to every type of place and because of this experience we know what the prices are going to be. This is not true for a lot of companies who haven’t been in the business for a while or don’t own any trucks.

Third, if all else fails, we will take money out of our own pockets to make sure you don’t pay more. This is why ours is a guarantee and this is why you can be confident in MiG.

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