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Connecticut is a praiseworthy auto transport state.

On it’s own Connecticut draws in plenty of auto transporters because of its nicely centered and dense population, but Connecticut also benefits from its marvelous position between two of the biggest auto transport metropolitans in the US, New York City and Boston. These factors make it a very uncomplicated state to ship a car from. Hartford is, of course, the easiest city to get transport from but any place along interstate 84, 91, or 95 will be heavily trafficked by trucks going to every part of the US. Dead zones don’t really exist but the northwest corner of the state can be more difficult to ship from than everywhere else. The solution is to pay well and be patient, a truck will inevitably become available.

Connecticut’s position between New York and Boston and its excellent business and taxation laws have created a magnificent economy in the area. Connecticut has the highest per capita income of any state and is ranked as one of the best states to live in according to the Human Development Index. An excellent economy and favorable living conditions are signs of a healthy auto transport demand. People want to live here and have the money to do so. People with more money are also more likely to purchase new cars and sell old ones which further adds to the auto transport demand.

Snow birds are another significant part of auto transporters’ lives in Connecticut, like they are in most northern states. Between October and December a large number of people ship their vehicles from Connecticut to warmer states in the south. The amount of people and the fact that they all ship at the same time causes the price to skyrocket going south but to get very low going north. Between April and May the opposite happens as these people ship their vehicles back to Connecticut once winter is over. Try to avoid shipping in the same direction as the snow birds as the rate will be very high, shipping in the opposite direction can get you an extremely low price per mile.

Connecticut is certainly in the top half of auto transport states, maybe even in the top 10. Shipping for the most part is easy and even when it’s not a small does of patience will get your car moved.

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