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Delaware can be a difficult state to get a car out of.

For auto transport purposes Delaware can be separated into two sections, the part north and the part south of Dover. The northern part of the state is heavily trafficked. Trucks come through Wilmington and the surrounding area all of the time as they travel into the Northeast Megalopolis and these will come as far south as Dover for vehicles if the money is right, this part of Delaware is extremely easy to ship a car from. Southern Delaware doesn’t benefit as much from the truck traffic. Not only will the price have to be good but carriers won’t go too far south in Delaware unless there are a lot of cars to choose from as well. If you are shipping from southern Delaware you will have to be flexible with location, price, or dates.

In a few years this may be different however. Delaware is one of the most business friendly states in the US, 50% of publicly traded companies are incorporated here as well as 63% of Fortune 500 companies. This excellent business environment is creating an influx of people that is already helping Delaware’s auto transporters. Currently not a single city in Delaware has a population over 100,000 but this could soon change. As more people relocate here they will increase city sizes as well as spread further into less populated parts of Delaware. The state is already the fourth most densely populated but it is climbing, it could be a premier destination for auto transporters within the next couple years.

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