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Driveaway Vehicle Transport

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What is it?

Driveaway transport is a type of auto transport in which the vehicle is driven by an individual from point A to point B. It isn’t a very popular option with standard cars because for close to the same price you can save wear and tear on your vehicle and significantly reduce the chance of an accident by using a car carrier. It can make financial sense for larger vehicles like buses or heavy duty trucks.

I have heard of people hiring a friend or family member to drive the car for them. There are also communities online where people are willing to drive your car for free because they need to get to that particular destination anyway. There can be an issue with reliability, however, with these methods.

Why is it?

Driveaway transport companies were originally formed because auto transport trucks didn’t exist. They quickly faded away once the trucks were invented. Today no company exists that does solely driveaway transport.

One advantage of driveaway transport is that the driver can get the car to very remote areas that a transport truck wouldn’t be able to. Another advantage is that if you are shipping a very large vehicle like a bus or heavy duty truck the cost could be significantly less using a driveaway service. For more on transporting heavy equipment click here.

Large boats are another area where driveaway could be an advantage. Instead of hiring a crane and loading a boat onto a truck it could be much cheaper to hire someone to pilot the boat to where it needs to go. For more on shipping boats click here.

Do I need it?

Probably not. For most people the disadvantages far outweigh the advantages but it can definitely be beneficial in certain scenarios.


  1. red says:

    I couldn’t even find a company that does this there is one company called driveaway auto transport but they don’t actually do drivewaay transport

  2. MaryJane says:

    haha I wouldnt even let my family members drive my car and for sure not some rando guy

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