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Getting a Damage Claim Paid

Though the risk is small, vehicle damage is always a possibility when having your car shipped. If an accident does occur it is very important to carry out the claim procedure correctly to get compensated for your loss. Hundreds or thousands of dollars could be lost if you don’t know how to process works.

The inspection sheet is the most critical element of your claim. When the carrier picks up the car an inspection will be done recording any existing blemishes. Whether your claim is valid or not starts here. Make sure the inspection is done accurately and make sure to get a copy of the inspection sheet before the carrier begins loading the car.

On delivery another inspection will be done. If new damage is noticed DO NOT sign the inspection sheet, your signature will release the carrier from liability. Mention what you’ve found to the driver and contact us or whoever you set the transport up with immediately.

Things will be handled either in the form of a discount or, in the case of more severe damage, through the driver’s insurance company. At MIG your car is 100% insured in the case of an accident. Most people prefer just getting a discount on their shipment because damage is usually very minor and insurance companies take months to pay out.

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