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How Brokers Get You a Lower Price than Going Direct to a Carrier

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Brokers charge you a broker fee, because of this most people feel that going directly to a carrier will save them money. It makes sense, transport without the broker fee should be cheaper. Not exactly.

Every route has an average price; carriers want to get more than the average. A trailer has a certain amount of cars it can move at one time, drivers want to maximize their profits, that means getting paid more per car. I can’t say for sure that the extra money a carrier will charge is going to be more or less than a broker fee but, from my experience, it’s about the same. So what’s the difference?

Going direct to a carrier you completely give up the opportunity to get a low price. You will always pay more than average with a carrier, they have no motivation to give you a low price, there are almost always other cars they can move for an average rate so if you don’t want to pay more there is no reason for them to take your car over another. Brokers aren’t limited like carriers. They’re motivated to get you a good price by the prospect of you returning to them for service. Plus they make the same amount of money no matter what price the carrier moves the car for so they have no reason to charge you more. Auto transport prices are balanced this way. Brokers push for lower prices and carriers push for higher prices and eventually it lands at a compromised medium.

Brokers put their expertise to work for you. They will know a good deal when they see one. If you were aiming for a certain price they will know when to persist or give up. They know the language and how to negotiate. They will reach much more carriers than you will be able to. These are invaluable to have in your corner, especially finding carriers. If you need auto transport on a route regularly and still want a carrier to call directly go through a broker first, get the info of the carrier that moves your car, and contact them in the future. If all else fails, brokers never run out of spots so you can always come back.

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