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Idaho ranks towards the bottom in auto transport popularity.

A small population and poor roads keep Idaho from improving. Even though Idaho is the 14th largest state its population is the 39th largest. This combination is absolutely poisonous for low auto transport rates because a small number of people are spread out over a large area. Truckers have to use more fuel and time to load. And of course the bad roads don’t help much either. Steep, mountainous, poorly paved roads are a huge liability to the cargo, fuel consumption, and the well being of the truck. Idahoans have no choice but to pay more to have their cars shipped.

One good thing Idaho does have going for it is that a lot people are moving in. The geography is very beautiful and even the big cities have a small town feel. People are attracted by the mountains and vast expanses of wilderness that you cannot find anywhere else in the US. The population is growing very quickly though auto transport numbers have not yet reached a point where Idaho is a main destination for drivers.

Chances are the driver moving your car is just passing through, most likely on his way to Seattle. For this reason and because of the bad roads getting transport to certain parts of Idaho is impossible without some finesse, a flexible budget, and plenty of patience. Your broker will have to find a company passing through, an agreeable storage location, and another company to move the car from storage. If you are located on the interstate then you are in luck and transport won’t be too hard to get done; others are probably better off meeting on those interstates.

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