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Indiana is an important state for auto transporters.

Cars have been important to Indiana since the early 20th century. As more and more cars were being manufactured Indiana quickly adapted to meet the demand, the state remains a great site for manufacturers. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway was one of the first speedways in the US when it was built in 1909 and showed how important cars were to the state, the speedway is a premier track in today’s motorsports. Companies move factories from other states just to be in Indiana, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway holds the biggest racing events in the world, and auto transport is thriving too.

Indianapolis is the largest city in Indiana, the 12th largest city in the US, and the Indianapolis metro is the 33rd largest in the US. Naturally this makes it the easiest city to ship a car from but Indianapolis is also very appealingly connected. The state’s motto is ‘the Crossroads of America’ and Indianapolis is at the center of it all. 7 interstate roads take you to Indianapolis from all over the US and an established highway system helps with travel within the state. Like Illinois, everything is very well connected and as a result is pretty evenly populated compared to other states, besides the very heavily forested areas. Of course some parts are more rural than others but because of the good roads it is easy for trucks to get there.

Snow birds play an indirect role in Indiana’s auto transport. Detroit and Chicago have much more snow birds but carriers who typically go to Indiana would rather ship to those nearby cities for more money. So expect price hikes between October and December coming from Indiana to or on the way to a snow bird state, and a price hike in the opposite direction between April and May. And remember, shipping in the opposite direction of the snow birds results in the lowest price per mile possible so plan ahead.

People claim Chicago is the center of the United States but Indiana has certainly made a case for itself as well. The state is very effectively connected and has a very solid population. It is fairly easy to ship from almost anywhere in Indiana. Gary is near Chicago and benefits from the carriers going there. Fort Wayne is on the way to and from Detroit for most truckers. And Indianapolis attracts carriers on its own with a nicely sized population and an excellent location at the intersection of many major interstates. There is a lot going on in this part of the United States and the trucker traffic will benefit you when it’s time to ship your car.

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