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Iowa is below average in terms of auto transport.

Iowa’s small population holds it back from being a major auto transport destination. There are 3 million people in the whole state; even if everyone squeezed into Des Moines it would still only be enough to create an average interest. Iowa is, however, doing everything right to encourage growth. The economy is diversified and in excellent condition, people are happy, unemployment is low, it’s one of the safest states to live in, and it has a magnificent environment for businesses. People are coming to Iowa but there is still a long way to go.

Des Moines is the biggest city in the state and is logically placed right in the middle, at the intersection of interstate 35 and 80. These are two very extensive roads that stretch to the northern, southern, eastern, and western borders of the US. If the population continues to grow Des Moines is well positioned to benefit the rest of the state. Currently it’s a somewhat troublesome place to get a car from. Transport to the west coast is easy because of trucks coming from Chicago; transport to the south and east takes patience because there aren’t as many carriers passing through that are headed in that direction. The rest of the state, especially those not off of interstate 35 or 80, will have to be very patient and pay well or meet a driver. In a couple decades Iowa’s auto transport situation could be very different, they are on a good path.

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