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Kentucky is a mediocre auto transport state.

Kentucky has a good position, a lot of people, and a good economy. However, the position isn’t great, there isn’t a huge amount of people, and the economy could be better. Kentucky does everything good but nothing great in terms of auto transport.

One of the biggest reasons for it’s average status is because of how spread out the population is. This lack of density hurts when looking for a carrier. The most concentrated part of Kentucky is in the north, around Louisville and Lexington. These cities, along with Indianapolis, Columbus, and Cincinnati, create an attractive arrangement for auto transporters all over the United States and this area is very easy to ship from. Bowling Green, the third biggest city in the state, is also fairly simple to ship from because of nearby Nashville. The diamond created by connecting Bowling Green, Louisville, Cincinnati, and Lexington indicates where transport is an uncomplicated process, the rest of the state is in a different situation. A lot of the population is located in big but not huge cities. These cities have a respectable auto transport demand but without any centralization people are left waiting for trucks to pass by and meeting drivers is difficult because a substantial city is not close. This is especially problematic for eastern Kentucky which has more forests and mountains than the rest of the state but western Kentucky suffers from the same fate. Be patient, a transporter will show up eventually but if the shipment is time-sensitive, especially if you are in the east, explore your options with meeting a carrier.

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