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Leaving Your Car at a Storage Facility

Even though we recommend making your pick up and drop off dates as flexible as possible, circumstances may limit your pick up or drop off windows to a 24 hour period or less. In these cases vehicle storage can be invaluable.

If you already have a self storage unit in the city the car will be stored in that will be your best option. The fees incurred will typically be lower and you will have the added benefit of knowing exactly how secure your car is from experience with the business. Not all self storages allow vehicles, however. Furthermore, your carrier will either need to know the code to the space or an attendant will have to bring the car out to the driver, make these arrangements before leaving the car. Opt for self storage when possible.

The most popular vehicle storage solution is a towing yard. These places are insured and designed with vehicle storage as their primary function, however, they can get expensive. Most places will charge you about $20 a day but, with a little research, you can find a company charging $15 or even $10 a day. A towing yard will also be the easiest place for the truck driver to pick up your vehicle from and this may decrease the price of your transport. When self storage isn’t available a towing yard should be your next choice. Airports and dealerships may also be feasible but, airport parking lots can be very difficult for the driver to retrieve the car from and dealerships should only be used if trusted.

No matter what storage solution you choose you will most likely need to provide proof of insurance and proof of ownership. Ask about insurance, additional fees, and any special hours. If you don’t feel comfortable with a particular facility, avoid it, the eye test is very important. The lot should be clean, there should be a clerk/receptionist, and a fence should surround the entire enclosure. While price is a very important aspect put the safety of your car first. Remember, strict pick up and drop off windows and a low price don’t go together very often. Be prepared for the higher fees if you’re not flexible.

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