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Maryland is a fairly easy state to ship from.

The Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area is one of the largest in the country and is the biggest in Maryland. People living within about 20 miles of this area, which applies to most of the population, will have a very easy time shipping their vehicle. And these people are wealthy too; the median income here is the highest in the US. Wealthier residents usually have a bigger need for auto transport so this helps Maryland’s auto transport appeal. The Port of Baltimore is another big attractor for auto transporters. It is the second busiest port in the US for auto shipments and truckers are needed to move the enormous amount of vehicles that come in and go out. Transporters flock specifically to Maryland but the state is also part of the Northeast Megalopolis which means truckers from cities like New York and Boston will be constantly passing through. This changes Maryland from being simple to ship from to effortless.

Snow birds are very impactful on auto transport prices. Though Maryland itself does not have a significant snow bird community, the surrounding areas do. Drivers that normally service Maryland would rather take cars from nearby for much higher prices so if you want your vehicle shipped at the same time and in the same direction as the snow birds you have no choice but to pay the higher price. Snow birds leave northern states and head south between October and December. Shipping south during this time becomes very expensive because so many cars need to be moved and there aren’t enough trucks to take all of them, so carriers take only the highest paying ones. Shipment in the opposite direction becomes very cheap however. Between April and May the snow birds go back up north at the end of winter and the effect is reversed, shipment from the south to the north becomes expensive and shipment in the other direction is very cheap.

Maryland has a lot of very different parts, almost every type of topography in the United States is present. West Maryland is very mountainous, central Maryland is suburban, and eastern Maryland is tropical. Western Maryland is sparsely populated and difficult for trucks to get to, luckily interstate 68 is nearby and that is a well traveled highway. Central Maryland is one of the easiest places in the United States to get a car out of. Eastern Maryland can be very difficult to get a car out of because of the lack of people, poor road access, and vast area. If you are located in the east or west chances are you will have to meet the driver. Westerners can drive up to interstate 68 but easterners may even find it necessary to go to Baltimore. The majority of people are located in the center of the state, however, so overall shipment is easy.

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