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Should I leave my Things in the Car When I Have it Shipped?

car with personal items inside

Shipping a Car with Stuff Inside

The short answer is it depends.

Some auto transport companies will tell you right away, they will not accept any items in the vehicle. If this is the case then DO NOT leave any items in the car. Either your shipment will be cancelled or the carrier will demand more money to move the vehicle.

When you are setting up your vehicle shipment, ask if it is okay. A lot of auto transport companies won’t mind because they are not liable for any damage that may occur to your items. Take the initiative and make sure anything you leave in your car is secured and won’t move around. The car is going to move around just like if you were driving it.

At MiG Auto Transport we allow up to 100 pounds at no charge. This means a suitcase or two. Arrangements can be made to ship more items inside but please let us know in advance if this is your plan.

But a car full of things is heavier than an empty car so you may get charged more. Especially if you have a large SUV like a Chevrolet Suburban that can hold 500 pounds or more.

Other companies won’t allow any items whatsoever. Transporting a car full of personal items is actually illegal. It isn’t a serious crime, unless it’s alcohol or firearms or something of that nature, but a driver could get a ticket for any amount of items. This rarely happens but it’s still a risk they have to take when moving your goods.

Just remember that anything you leave inside your vehicle is not and cannot be insured in anyway. We definitely don’t advise leaving anything valuable. There are shipping companies for those kind of things that will provide insurance. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

If you want to ship your car please visit our auto transport quote page.


  1. tricks and sticks says:

    ive transrported all sorts of stuff in my cars with no complaint

  2. mike bell says:

    are there any auto transport companies that do insure items that you leave in your car???

  3. one with the way says:

    I agree, never had an issue leaving items in my car when I transport but then again I have never gone overboard like some people I know do.

  4. Gary Yang says:

    Have had stuff go missing after leaving it in cars I’ve shipped. Sometimes you forget what you put in the car though, I keep a list just in case. It’s only happened twice to me out of a million times shipping the car and never anything too valuable.

  5. Ryan Tamer says:

    Interesting read. I’ve left items in my car also and have never experienced any loss. I don’t believe I’m lucky but simply that there is a very low risk involved. I’ve never left anything valuable however so perhaps that is another reason for my good fortune.

  6. sashke89@poreglot.ru' sasha says:

    Please let me know how drivers will know weight of items?

    • Max - MIG Auto Transport says:

      Hi Sasha, it is just an eye test. They will not take things out to weigh them but if it is obviously more than the weight that was agreed to then you will have a problem.

  7. goyo@naqdail.com' ceyibiro says:

    My college student had a driver that let us pack the car full. Helped us out a ton. 😁

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