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How to Get a Discount When Shipping your Car

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Getting a Discount When Transporting a Car

If you’ve been following along with our blog then you probably know by now that it is very hard to get a deal when shipping your car. The way that auto transport works makes it impossible for a company to simply cut their price, read more about this here.But there are ways you can get your price to drop a little.

Transport more than one car. If you transport more than one car from the same address to the same address this saves carriers time and money so expect your price to be a few dollars lower.

If you live an hour or so outside of a large city as your broker if meeting in the larger city will bring the price down at all. You would be surprised how much you can save if you meet your carrier. This applies even more so if you are out of the country. Most Canadians prefer to drive their cars 5 hours rather than pay the enormous price that carriers charge to go into Canada.

Be more flexible with your dates. Like really flexible. Ask your broker when the off season is for the particular route you want to move your car on. If you can wait until the off season you could save up to 50% compared to the peak price.

If your car isn’t running try to fix it. A car that can get onto a trailer under it’s own power will definitely get transported for less.

Remove your modifications. Carriers want to limit surprises, one way they do this is by moving stock cars as much as possible. If your car is lifted, try to lower it. If your car is lowered, try to lift it. Remove any extras like spoilers or toppers or large roof racks.

And lastly, try to remember your carrier. Get their information once they deliver your car and have them move the car the next time. You can eliminate any broker fees this way, but remember going direct to a carrier doesn’t always work out so make sure you have your broker’s information as well.

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