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The Different Kinds of Auto Transport Trucks

basic car carrier

Basic Car Carrier

The most likely truck to move your car is the truck in the picture above. This is a standard auto transport truck and trailer and they can range from 60 to 80 feet in length and about 13.5 feet in height. Because of their large size they are able to make shipping your car much cheaper but it also makes it more difficult for the drivers of these trucks to navigate through normal roads and especially in neighborhoods.

Another type of truck that might move your car is just a normal pick up truck. These trucks are used mostly for cars that need very quick delivery and transport on this truck is much more expensive on average than on the larger semi truck car carriers.

These are the main types of car carriers. Another truck that may move your car is a semi truck with a flat bed trailer. This type of trailer is mainly used for larger vehicles like buses or large pick up trucks.


  1. Valia Merta says:

    I had to meet my driver because he was in one of these large trucks.

    • Max - MIG Auto Transport says:

      Yep. A lot of those trucks have strict limitations on where they can go, especially the open car carriers that also need to worry about damage to the cars on their trailer.

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