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What is an Inspection Sheet?

person inspecting a car

Inspecting the Car

The Inspection Sheet, sometimes called the Bill of Lading, is the most important document you will handle when transporting your car. It serves as a receipt and also as your insurance.

When your driver picks your car up he will do an inspection of the outside of your vehicle. Any scratches, dents, chips, etc will be noted on the Inspection Sheet and you will be required to sign at pick up. Once the driver arrives at the destination point a second inspection will be done to verify that the car arrived in the same condition that it was picked up in and you will be required to sign again.

In order for the Inspection Sheet to work for you a few key things must be done. Firstly make sure you read all of the terms outlined on the Inspection Sheet. Every carrier’s Inspection Sheet is a little bit different and the terms are not the same as what you may have agreed to on the broker’s contract. Second make sure to get a copy of the Inspection Sheet at pick up, this way no tampering can be done to it should any damage occur. Thirdly, and most importantly, if the car arrives damaged DO NOT SIGN THE INSPECTION SHEET. Mark what the damages were but do not, under any circumstances, sign the Inspection Sheet. Call your broker if you are not sure what to do and he will guide you.

Chances are you’re car will arrive fine but if anything does happen follow these guidelines then any insurance claims you make will be swiftly paid out.


  1. Susie Ti says:

    Very useful info

  2. lynda says:

    I’m a little worried because I never got a copy but my car is delivered and all is okay but still wondering if there is a cause for alarm?

  3. 4 Eyes says:

    Great info. Shipping my first car and feeling confident with you guys so far.

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