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Why Calling Multiple Brokers Can Work Against You

broker phone calls

Broker Phone Calls

Auto transport is not like other businesses. It is sort of old school in the way that everything works. This is out of necessity to accommodate the uncertain nature of the job. It’s hard to guarantee things too far into the future and nothing is ever 100% for sure.

Many people want to treat auto transport like any other business, that is a mistake. The first and maybe biggest mistake people make is contacting many different companies. Of course you want the cheapest price, but just because you got quoted a low price doesn’t mean you will get a low price. Read our post on brokers to get more insight into this topic.

Basically all brokers are going to contact the same carriers and that carrier is going to request the same price no matter what broker you used or what price was quoted to you initially. The only thing brokers can affect in your price is their broker fee.

So what happens when you’ve contacted multiple brokers? The brokers want their broker fee, they don’t care what price you pay, and the carrier wants to get as much money as possible to move your car. So a price war starts. The carrier will simply go with the broker that offers him more money or he will set an amount and tell the brokers to get that amount from you. So instead of saving money by contacting multiple brokers you’ve paid more because you contacted multiple carriers.

That’s the biggest reason you shouldn’t contact many if more than one company. Whether you go through MIG or not, I always recommend that people select a company that they feel they can trust and be loyal to that company (at least for that particular shipment). And of course remember, never go with a company based solely on the fact that they quoted you the lowest price. This will be a shady company nine out of ten times.

And we get many, many complaints about constant phone calls from broker companies after requesting a quote. There are companies that appear to be a regular car hauling company but in reality these companies are lead generators. This means they will take your information and sell it to a bunch of brokers. Then these brokers will call you even though you may have already moved your car or you may have settled on another company.

In the end it will be in your best interest to find a company and stick with it. And let a broker know if you aren’t going to do business with their company, it will help everyone out.


  1. Sophie says:

    I’ve never experienced quite the same thing as when I asked for a quote on shipping a car. I went online and called a few companies and filled in a few forms on a few websites. My phone and email went CRAZY. So many companies contacted me that I was overwhelmed and couldn’t even do my work properly. Tehy told me at MIG to just tell all of those companies that I already shipped the car, that’s the only way they will leave you alone!

    • Max - MIG Auto Transport says:

      That’s a common occurrence. Definitely good advice regarding how to make those companies leave you alone.

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