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New Hampshire

new hampshire

New Hampshire is not a particularly easy state to ship a car from.

New Hampshire suffers from the same issues that Vermont and Maine suffer from, a small population with lightly traveled and mountainous roads. Of these three states however, New Hampshire is in the best situation because of its proximity to Boston. Transport along interstate 95 or Manchester could even be considered easy. The bottom half of the state is serviced by companies based out of Boston who will make the trip up for the slightly higher rates. But the northern half of the state isn’t so lucky. Transport is possible, though pricey, from southern New Hampshire, but during most of the year transport is impossible from the north. There just aren’t enough people coming from that area to make it worthwhile for a carrier.

If you are searching for a rock bottom rate then your best option is to meet a driver in Boston no matter where in New Hampshire you are. If you live around Manchester, Portmouth, Kingston, or even Rochester then transport is possible for a reasonable amount. Other places will have to pay increasingly higher rates based on how far away they are from Boston.

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