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New Mexico

new mexico

New Mexico is not popular nor unpopular for auto transporters, it would rank right in the middle.

New Mexico has all the regular infrastructure that boosts auto transport activity, just nothing on a very large scale. The state is very business friendly but still has a fairly low population. Car dealerships and body shops exist but not in great numbers. There is plenty of beautiful scenery and an excellent artistic culture but the tourism isn’t exactly booming. In this sense New Mexico is kind of like a diamond in the rough. New Mexico can offer you just about the same thing any other state can but, for whatever reason, it isn’t as popular as other, similar areas.

Even though New Mexico doesn’t have the same auto transport numbers as other states, its location still makes it an easy place to ship a car from. Being between California and Texas the state receives plenty of traffic from auto transporters passing through. With interstate 40 on the top and interstate 10 on the bottom it is certainly possible to find a carrier. Individuals living in more remote locations may have to meet the driver off of the interstate or pay a hefty price. Most people will find New Mexico a decent state to ship a car from.

Bonus Fact: New Mexico was named ‘New Mexico’ before Mexico was named ‘Mexico’.


  1. r@r.com' Aika says:

    VERY VERY useful information. Thank you!!!!

  2. stanged says:

    I actually had a lot of trouble shipping from here I’m up here near Farmigton and it can be dam difficult to get a driver on a car sometimes

    • Max - MIG Auto Transport says:

      Yep that’s right. The northern most part of New Mexico is definitely the toughest area to ship from because it is so far off of the interstate.

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