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North Carolina

north carolina

North Carolina is a slightly better than average state for auto transport.

North Carolina can be broken up into three parts, everything east of interstate 95, everything between interstate 95 and interstate 77, and everything west of interstate 77; the east, the center, and the west. The eastern and western sections of the state can be difficult to ship from as theses are not very densely populated areas and, in the case of the western portion, have extremely challenging terrain for truckers. The center of the state is the opposite; big, heavily populated cities and excellent, easy to drive on roadways. The is by far the easiest section to ship a car from or to.

Raleigh and Charlotte are the biggest metropolitans in North Carolina and are also two of the fastest growing cities in the country. This growth can be attributed to shifts in the economy. Traditionally the state was focused on manufacturing and agriculture, nowadays top businesses are financial services and technology research. More desirable, higher paying jobs attract people from all over the world to North Carolina, new infrastructure has to be built to maintain the additional people, which attracts more people, and in this way the economy is getting better and population increasing. Another big attractor for auto transporters to central North Carolina are the colleges and universities, massive in both size and number. Students from all over the country attend these schools and there will typically be a small but noticeable increase in transport at the beginning and end of summer as students begin and end their semesters.

Eastern and western North Carolina are in the opposite situation. People are more dependent on blue collar work here and companies who historically employed North Carolinians are moving their factories to cheap labor markets like China and Latin America. Many people are losing their jobs and moving away. While this isn’t true for every city most rural areas have felt this effect. Asheville and Wilmington are the biggest cities in these two sections and are bright spots. Transport still can’t be considered easy to these places but it certainly is not impossible and the bigger cities help more rural locations with shipment by creating an auto transport hub for their respective regions.

If North Carolina were to shed its eastern and western parts the state would be among the best for auto transport. As it is the Tar Heel state is above average. As the central region continues to grow populations will inevitably spill into other parts of the state. The eastern region has beaches and western North Carolina has mountains and an interesting culture. The state is slowly on the rise.

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