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North Dakota

north dakota

North Dakota is very similar to Montana.

North Dakota, like Montana, is a large state with a small population, a very unattractive mix for auto transporters. But, like Montana, North Dakota has an interstate that lots of carriers use to get to other places. People located along interstate 94 will have a much easier time finding a driver than people located elsewhere because of the trucks just passing through. However, North Dakota’s population isn’t as concentrated along the interstate as Montana’s because of US-2 to the north which steals people from the interstate below.

North Dakota is growing very rapidly. Jobs are being created at a faster rate here than anywhere else in the US and the unemployment rate is the smallest in the US as well, you have to really not want to work to be unemployed. Oil is the main reason for the growth. Jobs are always available and are paying more and more every year which is tempting more and more people to move here.

Fo the time being North Dakota remains desolate as far as auto transport is concerned. In a couple years that may change but if you don’t live off of interstate 94 you will have a tough time getting a car shipped. Your best option is to meet the driver on the interstate, otherwise you’ll have to have either a lot of patience or a lot of money, most likely both.

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