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Rhode Island

rhode island

Rhode Island is an exceptional state for auto transport.

On its own Rhode Island is too small to warrant significant auto transport demand; the redeeming factor for Rhode Island is its position and proximity to Boston. The proximity helps because carriers in Boston don’t have to drive far to get to the majority of Rhode Island’s population and the position helps because most carriers drive south from Boston on their way to a lot of other destinations, so people along interstate 95 will be able to get the same rates and availability Bostonians get.

Snow birds are a big part of Rhode Island’s auto transport. Between October and December look for price spikes going south. Between April and May look for price spikes in the other direction. Shipping in the opposite direction of the snow birds will typically result in the cheapest price per mile possible. Another big part of Rhode Island auto transport climate is the Providence Port. It is one of the largest ports in the northeast and cars are a big part of the export and import. Though this is a small factor compared to snow birds and Boston’s proximity, it can be responsible for some price fluctuations as well as generating Rhode Island specific auto transport demand.

The state may be small but it is the second most densely populated behind New Jersey. The majority of people are in easy to access areas with abundant trucker traffic. Only the islands and the extremely southern points will experience availability issues though nothing an extra couple dollars can’t fix.


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