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Safety Precautions When on the Road with Truckers

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When sharing the road with a semi truck extra forethought should be given to your actions. While the drivers operating them are highly skilled, accidents involving big rigs are much more likely to result in casualties than accidents involving solely passenger vehicles. Being careful can go a long way.

The biggest difference between a commercial truck and a regular automobile is the weight. A heavy car will weigh around 4500 pounds but a truck by itself can weigh 20,000 pounds, when the trailer and cargo is added the total weight can be up to 80,000 pounds. This means that trucks are much more challenging to stop (from highway speed it takes 300 yards to come to a full stop) and if impact does occur a car will essentially be destroyed (even at low speeds). Never cut off a truck. Keep sudden braking to a minimum. Generally stay out of their way. The driver could hit you a not even feel the impact.

The size of an eighteen wheeler also creates sight issues. The blind spot on a truck, when compared to a passenger vehicle, is enormous. Never maintain your position in the lane next to a big rig, the trucker might drive you off of the road or, if it is necessary for him to swerve into your lane suddenly, destroy your car and then drive you off of the road. Vision is even more limited on the right side of a truck. Try to pass on the left and avoid the right lane altogether.

You have probably seen the stickers on the rear of trailers stating the truck makes wide right turns. Well, they make wide left turns too. If a truck is turning let him finish the maneuver and then make your turn. Again vision is a problem and your car will lose the shoving battle with the truck.

Be smart. It’s easy to avoid issues. Don’t make truckers worry about what you might do. Follow the rules of the road and use some common sense and you’ll arrive at your destination quickly and safely.

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