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Shipping eBay Purchases

Shipping a car purchased on eBay is a lot like shipping any other purchased vehicle.

Make sure the car is paid for first. The seller has to be ready to release the car before we book a space for you on one of our trucks. Payment delays are very common and we can’t have one of our trucks sitting and waiting for a payment to go through because it can take days. If you purchased from a dealership then make sure any paperwork they need is processed and approved as well.

You should still call us as soon as or even before committing to buy the car. We are happy to provide you with a quote at any time and it can definitely be helpful to know the cost of shipping so you know how much you should bid on the car.

Buying on eBay usually means purchasing from an individual. The seller most likely has a job and other engagements and it is helpful for us to know about those in advance. If you purchased from a dealership find out what their hours are as well.

eBay purchase or not, always let us know about any modifications. We aren’t worried about modifications to the engine (unless there is a special way to start the car) but if your car is lowered, raised, has an aftermarket spoiler, has oversized tires, etc please mention it right away. If you are moving something uncommon like a golf cart or custom built car make sure to have the weight, height, length, and width ready. Or even better send us some pictures or the link to the eBay page.

If you found a car on eBay and you need a quote to ship it click here!

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