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Shipping from a Dealership

When purchasing a vehicle from a dealership not in your hometown auto transport become necessary. Brand new cars depreciate rapidly, every mile put on the car (especially if you plan to trade-in or sell within the next couple of years) will hurt. Furthermore your warranty may have a mileage limit or (if you are leasing) you may be limited in the amount of miles you are allowed to drive in a year. Auto transport will, most likely, be the most cost effective option in the long run.

The shipping cost will factor into how much you are willing to pay for the car, however. Contact auto transport companies right away to get an idea of the price when you find a car you like. Having the shipping cost handy when negotiating price can give you the upper hand. Dealerships may be willing to pay for all or part of the transportation just so they can close the deal.

Once everything has been agreed upon the paperwork and payment are next. The car is not considered ready for shipment until everything has been completely finished. The dealership will not release the car until everything has gone through and there are always delays. Wait until everything has gone through before telling your broker that the car can be picked up, do not depend on a dealership’s estimate for availability.

Like any other vehicle shipping endeavor the process will go extremely smooth if you are up front with what needs to get done and what your timeframe is.

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