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Shipping with a Group

group shipping
Shipping your car with a group of people makes the process much easier. Groups shipping from the same pick up point to the same drop off point enjoy advantages no one else can.

More vehicles shipped together means a lower cost per car. The typical car hauler has 8 spaces and he will be willing to provide a very competitive rate if a group can fill up (or get close to filling up) all of them. Keep in mind that those spaces do not fit just any vehicles. If your party has predominantly large vehicles a second truck may have to be dispatched. A group should have at least one sedan per SUV if they want to fit on one truck. The more friends and family you can get together the cheaper everything will be.

Carriers will also go further out of their way for a group. If you have 8 vehicles there is virtually no area in the US a truck will not go. This is a huge advantage for Canadian customers who want their cars picked up right next to the border. A single car could wait months for pick up from certain locales, a group can have a carrier contracted within a week.

Try to get everything figured out ahead of time. When you call us tell us who is going to be shipping with the group for certain, who might ship, and what everyone’s schedule is like. If the group is flying out together let us know the dates, if only certain times work for pick up and drop off let us know the times. Of course last minute changes do happen, we just ask that you notify us as soon as you can.

The more the merrier is true of auto transport as well.

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