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South Carolina

south carolina

South Carolina is a below average auto transport state.

South Carolina has three major metropolitan areas which divide the state into three parts. The Greenville metro is in the west, Columbia is the center, and Charleston is the east; 63rd, 72nd, and 76th in the US respectively and small by auto transport standards. The state’s positioning is not great either. North Carolina is nearby but it isn’t an enormously popular auto transport hub and Atlanta is too far away to have a significant impact. Interstate 95 is the most helpful factor in terms of thru-traffic though it mostly helps with transport going south or north, not so much to the rest of the US.

South Carolinians only have one choice when shipping their cars, pay well and be patient. Meeting a trucker somewhere is not really an option because South Carolina is far from any popular auto transport destinations. The state certainly isn’t neglected but it just isn’t very regularly serviced by most carriers. People along the coast should consider meeting along interstate 95 and people everywhere else should concentrate on finding a carrier from either Columbia or Greenville.

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