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Terminal Auto Shipping

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Contrary to what most people believe terminal auto shipping is not necessarily cheaper. Also carriers do not have terminals in every city. Also most cars are not shipped from terminal to terminal. Also terminals are not usually owned by transport companies. There’s a lot of misinformation floating around.

Terminals are usually the storage lots of towing companies. Not many auto transport companies own a terminal outside of their hometown. When a broker is discussing terminal to terminal shipping this usually means from one towing company to the other. Other companies (and other fees) are involved when you are shipping to or from one of these places.

Terminal auto shipping is really only useful for customers who live in a very rural area or for customers who need very specific times that can’t be satisfied by any carrier. A towing company handles retrieving the car from the customer on pick up or drop off. The carrier would pick up or drop off from the towing company’s lot which is ideally located somewhere agreeable with the carrier. A few hundred can be saved by picking up or dropping off at the towing company yourself. Using a terminal probably isn’t for you.

Most cars are shipped door to door. There are no storage fees involved, homes are generally accessible, and the car is handled by only one company. Just make your situation clear and we’ll help you find the best solution.

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