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The Absolute Safest Way to Ship Your Car

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Some people who ship their cars are not worried about cost. This may be because you have a lot of money or because you just love your car that much or because the car is an investment that no expense should be spared on. For these people the main priority is safety.

In this case enclosed transport is a must. Besides the obvious benefit of the trailer being closed off from the elements your car also benefits from the expertise of a driver accustomed to handling exotic and specialized shipments. Thoroughly research the broker you will use as well as the carrier that the broker finds, provide the driver with any additional information he might need before he comes to pick up the car. For example, if the car has delicate tires and wheel straps are not a good way to secure the car let your broker know right away. It is important to provide a detailed explanation of exactly what you are shipping and exactly what kind of service you need, especially if the vehicle in question is custom or modified. This benefits everybody involved, surprises are not good in auto transport and could jeopardize the safety of your car.

In addition to having an experienced and knowledgeable enclosed transporter there are also a few proactive steps you can take. One popular and effective option is transport wrap. Hiring a someone to apply this wrap before the car is picked up will add another layer of security. Also, make sure to do a thorough inspection with the driver on pick up and drop off. This ensures that, should something happen, you are covered. Get a copy of the inspection report on pick up and drop off. Finally, tip on pick up. Transporters don’t get tips often and it isn’t because they don’t want them. As far as auto transport goes this might be the best bang for your buck, $20 will ensure your car gets the royal treatment. And you want to tip on pick up, tipping on drop off won’t help as the driver is done with his handling of the vehicle at that point.

Professional carriers are extremely good at their jobs and there is no substitute for their proficiency but, if this is a car that you are moving often, to car shows for example, your best bet may be to do the shipment yourself. A small pick up with a one car enclosed trailer is surprisingly affordable and, frankly, no one is going to care about your car more than you. Plus you save money. This is definitely a better option for people traveling in a limited radius but, if you are shipping regularly enough, this is a good option to at least consider. Everything will always be on time and in your hands.

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