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Transporting Your Car for College

The main concern for college students when shipping their cars is money, and auto transport can be a big expense. With the correct preparation auto transport can be an affordable solution for you.

As a college student your biggest advantage is that you can plan ahead. You know exactly when your semester starts and when you will need your car. If you give your broker enough of a heads up it becomes much easier to get you the price you are looking for.

If you’re college is located in a rural area (not near a metropolis or major highway) then you have another opportunity to save. Carriers charge much more to go to these destinations because they usually have only one car to drop off in that town and the roads can be much less truck friendly compared to a large city. If you meet the driver in one of the major cities nearby you could save hundreds.

Shipping your car also provides an opportunity to ship some things with it. We have a lot of articles about shipping things in your car but the important things to remember are to be clear about how much stuff your car will have and to not go overboard. You may be charged extra to ship things with your car but your cost to ship those items separately is usually a lot more.

Depending on your scholarships and/or financial aid it may be possible to have your car transport be completely or partially covered. This is something to discuss with the people in charge of each institution giving you money but it certainly isn’t unheard of.

If you have a certain budget let us know and we will work with it to make your move possible, you could end up saving much more than you expected.

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