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Vermont is an auto transport dead zone.

Transport at a reasonable rate is only possible from the far northwest corner of the state, and even then it will still be very expensive. The fact of the matter is that auto transport needs people. Vermont is the 2nd least populous state in the nation and this is bad. Burlington, the biggest city by population, is the smallest largest city of any state with a population of 42,000. It just isn’t worth the trip for drivers to come here. Transport from the northeast corner is only possible because there are some trucks running specialty routes from that area of New York, some may cross over into Vermont. Of course you can get anything done with enough money. If you are willing to pay for it a smaller truck can be sent from a transporter’s facility to pick up your car. This can get extremely expensive but it is up to you to decide if it is worth it.

Vermont is a dead zone. It is difficult to ship from most places and impossible to ship from others. Meeting in Albany or Boston is the suggested solution solution. Couple the small population, distance from well traveled routes, and mountainous terrain and you have a poisonous mixture.

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