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Washington is basically a larger, more populous Oregon.

The same trends present in Oregon exist in Washington but on a larger scale. There are a lot more shipments going into the state than out. The ports may be to blame for this. The Washington ports do a lot of trade with Asia and cars are a big parts of that cargo. But, like Oregon, a lot more people are moving into Washington than out of it which also helps this trend.

Washington shares a unique Pacific Northwest culture with Oregon. Both of these states are great places to live but Washington doesn’t have quite the same influx of people moving in as Oregon is having right now. What Washington does have is 7 million people where Oregon only has 4 million, and people are what create an active auto transport environment. Another big difference is that Washington’s personal income per capita is much higher. Wealthier people are more likely to move, vacation, or buy a new car, all of which contributes to auto transport activity. Snow birds are not a big part of the auto transport however. Seattle doesn’t get enough snow to make people leave for better weather, the climate is surprisingly agreeable.

If you are shipping a car to or from Washington the price from will be much less than the price to. Seattle is by far the easiest city to ship from as more than 50% of the population is located there. If your shipment is going east then any city along interstate 90 will get about the same price, if your shipment is going south then any city along interstate 5 will get about the same price. If you are located more than 50 miles north of Seattle, anywhere in the national forests, or any place far from the interstates you will have to pay a premium or meet the driver. Like any state carriers charge extra to go to rural areas. Overall Washington is a very easy state to ship a car from or to. In terms of auto transport popularity it would be somewhere in the top ten.

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