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West Virginia

west virginia

West Virginia is among the worst states for auto transport.

West Virginia is a very beautiful state. The mountains, hills, and sparsely populated areas create very alluring scenery, unfortunately these same attributes are also what make West Virginia a terrible state for auto transport. A lack of population and difficult, mountainous roads are an unsavory pairing for truckers. But truckers are not alone in this sentiment. People are quickly moving out of the state, it is one of the few with a net loss in population over the past couple of years. The economy is doing bad, unemployment is high, health is poor, education standards are low, and the people of West Virginia have been ranked as the most miserable in the United States. These factors do not form a thriving auto transport situation.

It can be very difficult to ship a car from most of the state. The very northern peninsula near Pittsburgh and the small section that interstate 81 goes through are the only bright spots, every other location is going to have to compromise big when it comes to shipping their cars. Price will either be sky high or it will be necessary to meet a driver a few hours away. Even people in Charleston, the biggest city, will be faced with these issues. Explore all your options, auto transport may not be right depending on your location. If it is your best solution be prepared to compromise on just about every aspect of the transport, shipment will not be easy.

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