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What is Door to Door Shipping?

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Door to door shipping is a simple concept, but it is worth explaining the finer details.

Door to door does not necessarily mean door to door. It means as close as the truck can get to the door to as close as the truck can get to the door. Besides highways, very few roads are built with trucks in mind, so driving a transport truck is hard, but an auto transport truck in particular because their cargo is exposed. Things like low trees or electrical wires have the potential to damage vehicles on the trailer and a good driver will avoid this at all costs. Even if he is able to get to your home comfortably he still needs to find an area to stop and unload the vehicle. This is isn’t as big of a problem as low trees and wires are, but if you live on a busy street it will be difficult for a driver to do so, especially if he is holding up traffic and attracting attention from law enforcement.

If you are not in an optimal location, meet your driver. Ideally the driver will call in advance and arrange a drop off point and ideally that point will be close by and you will have someone that can drive a second car there and back with you. If the drop off point is not close by there is probably a good reason for it, you have to trust the driver’s judgement. In my experience the trucker is right in these scenarios much more often than the customer and, in the end, any damage that occurs is the driver’s responsibility so he has the final say in where he takes the truck. If you don’t have someone that can drive with you to pick up or drop off your car then a co-driver might drive the car to you provided you drive him back. The truck cannot be left alone so if it is just a single driver a cab will have to be called at the expense of the carrier.

Everything is more difficult in a semi. Next time you drive through your neighborhood imagine your car being 3 times as tall and 6 times as long. Imagine what you would hit, where you would stop, and how you would get out. Then you can appreciate the problems and skills auto transporters have.

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