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Who’s Transporting My Car?

truck driver training
Giving a stranger your car can feel uncomfortable. It isn’t something that is done often in your day to day life, you drive your car, no one else. But car haulers are not just anybody, they are highly trained professionals.

CDL is an acronym for commercial driver’s license and these licenses are not quick or cheap to obtain. Drivers are required to enroll in a truck driving school for 4 to 7 weeks. At this school driving basics are covered in addition to cargo protection. Different types of drivers have different schooling requirements and car carriers are one of the most schooled.

This is because insurance companies are extremely strict with car haulers. It is virtually impossible to get insurance if you have less than two years of experience. After getting their CDLs car carriers almost always end up having to drive with someone more experienced for two years before they can drive alone. And, even after you’ve acquired two years of experience, insurance is still very, very costly.

Truck driving, especially for owner-operators, is a huge investment financially. Schooling, equipment, registration, and insurance are all prohibitively expensive. Equipment is definitely the largest up front expense, a truck and trailer can cost $80,000 used and a lot more new. A bank loan has to be taken out to cover everything and this means that a huge portion of the profits will go to paying off debts for the first couple of years. And any major accident will cause insurance to either be denied or become too expensive to continue operating. After all of the money and time invested you can be sure drivers will be extremely careful, no one wants to see that work go to waste.

There is no such thing as careless car carriers but obviously some are better than others. At MIG we check references, insurance history, and personal history before we select a carrier for you. You can be assured that your car will be in the best of hands.

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  1. KB says:

    Good Article! I have been having the worst time finding a reputable company

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