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Wisconsin is slightly better than average in terms of auto transport.

Wisconsin has a lot in common with Minnesota. The population is very concentrated in the Milwaukee metropolitan area and it can be difficult getting transport from anywhere else. But Minneapolis holds 60% of Minnesota’s population and Milwaukee holds only 33% of Wisconsin’s, so transport to Green Bay, Madison, or Eau Claire is certainly not impossible. And carriers have to pass through some of those towns on their way to Minneapolis which helps those smaller cities.

Snow birds are a big part of Wisconsin’s auto transport but they do not have as big of an impact as they do in Minnesota. In addition to the population not being as concentrated Wisconsinites are also less wealthy. You have to have some money to spare to get away from the winter every year and not as many people in Wisconsin do. But there is certainly still an effect. Between October and December the price will go up from Wisconsin to any state in the south and between April and May the price will go up from any southern state to Wisconsin.

But arguably the most important element for people shipping here is the proximity to Chicago, which is the third most populous city in America and between the third and fifth most popular auto transport hub. A huge number of drivers use Chicago as their main destination. If there are enough well paying cars going to Wisconsin some of those drivers will make the trip further north. If it wasn’t for Chicago being so close the cost to ship a car to Wisconsin would be stratospheric.

Wisconsinites will have to pay attention to snow bird shipping rates. Remember, shipping in the opposite directions of the snow birds will get you the cheapest price per mile possible. Any one in Milwaukee is fortunate because of how close Chicago is. Almost anywhere you want to ship from in the US is possible because of the huge auto transport hub located nearby. People outside of Milwaukee may have a problem but if you are flexible eventually your car will get shipped.


  1. r@r.com' isaac says:

    is transport from chicago cheaper than milwaukee?

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