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Wrapping Your Vehicle Before Transport

vehicle wrap
Wrapping your vehicle is an extra step you can take to ensure your car arrives in the same condition it was picked up in. Of course your vehicle is insured while it’s being shipped. Wrapping your car is just a precaution.

The effectiveness of these wraps can be surprising. Almost any small object like a rock or hail will bounce off of the car without leaving any marks. Also damage caused by the driver negligence is also minimized. This is why car dealers use it when shipping brand new vehicles. A perfect new door will stay perfect and new.

There are few down sides, though. First, the driver has to do an inspection. If the car is covered in a wrap he won’t be able to see the actual condition of the car. This means that the carrier can’t be held responsible for any scratches or dents underneath the wrap even if they were caused by him. The only way he could be liable is if the wrap is damaged as well as the car. Also, if you use a bad quality wrap or if the wrap isn’t applied correctly you could cause damage instead of protecting your car from it. Lousy film will stick to the paint and can leave residue or take the paint with it when you take it off.

If you are sure about using the wrap but aren’t sure if you’ll do it right you can hire a professional. Transport wrap can be purchased at tracwrap.com. Once it arrives a local dealership or body shop will have a specialist who will help you (though it might not be easy to find one). The fee shouldn’t be too bad and you can drive the car home after the process is done. Knowing a professional put the wrap on might make you sleep better.

We don’t usually see these wraps on regular cars, mostly brand new and classic cars. If you are thinking about shipping enclosed but the price is out of your range, transport wrap could be a happy medium.

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  1. quest says:

    anyone have any info on wrapping vehicles for daily use?

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