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Alabama is one of the less popular states in terms of auto transport.

But, while there isn’t nearly as many snowbirds coming to Alabama as there are going to Florida, there are still some people who prefer spending their winter here. The price of auto transport follows the usual snowbird pattern. Between October and December the price will be high coming from a northern state to Alabama and between April and May the reverse is true.

One of the biggest contributors to auto transport in the state is the vehicle manufacturers located here. Many major manufacturers have plants here including Honda, Toyota, and Hyundai. Materials are shipped in and cars are shipped out. The truckers who move vehicles for these companies almost always leave with a full load so getting onto one of these trucks for a low rate usually isn’t possible but getting a good rate on their trip back certainly is.

The University of Alabama can also influence auto transport when the students’ college career begins or ends. College students typically have a smaller effect because less students decide to ship rather than drive their cars and because students don’t ship regularly like snowbirds. They usually leave their vehicle at school if they fly home for a holiday and if they do ship their cars they can do so at any time of the year.

Alabama can be a tough state to get a car into or out of, especially if the other location is not a very popular one. Try to book shipment ahead of time and be as flexible as possible. There are a lot of auto transporters doing short routes around this area however, so if you are shipping to a nearby state your experience will be much more simple than shipping further away.

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