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Auto Transport in the Winter

snowy road

Shipping a car in the winter is a much different game than shipping one in the summer.

Everything goes slower, your ETAs are three hour windows and your driver might call you to tell you he’s 20 miles away but he can’t drive any further because of snow or ice or traffic or whatever. And you pay premium for this because you just want to get out.

The most important advice you’ll get is to plan ahead. Send your car ahead of time so you’re not stuck if the driver is late. My recommendation is a week in advance, especially if you are planning on flying. Or have a friend who can hold onto and release the car in the event that the driver can’t pick up the car before you fly out. And of course don’t start calling brokers two or three days before your flight leaves, unless you believe in miracles. You should be doing these things regardless of the season but if you live up North keep this in mind even more so.

Prices are also different in the winter. If you’re shipping from a cold state to a warm state then the price will be two to three times what it will be from a warm to a cold state ergo prices from the North are higher than prices from the South. The reverse is true in the spring. This doesn’t happen on every route however. Routes like Florida to California stay pretty much the same year around.

Stay safe and remember your winter tires people.

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